What Steps Are Needed To Perform A Concept Testing Survey

Concept testing proves to be a remarkable strategy to perform online market research. However, many businesses do not know the right way to execute this testing. To help you understand the right way to perform concept testing, this guide tells you a step-wise procedure to implement a concept testing survey.

OvationMR is a global provider of 1st party data to companies that are looking for solutions that need information for informed business decisions. It performs concept testing by putting your product idea to the test and generates valuable insights.

What is concept testing?

Concept testing evaluates the acceptance of a highly innovative idea by the target audience in the first development stage. The test will generate useful insights, which will form a basis to optimize the product before the time of market launch.

It is also beneficial for target group segmentation as well as positioning. Concept testing doesn’t need a finished product. A researcher can use a formulated concept of any service or product.

How Is Concept Testing Executed?

Now let us talk about the execution of Concept testing. Concept testing needs to be executed before the product development cycle or the Prototyping” phase is initiated. The goal is to identify the weaknesses as well as the strengths of the offer. A concept test is performed in a relevant set of the target audience.

Why should companies carry out concept testing?

Concept testing should provide insights to perform an elaborate analysis of the target audience. Firms need to do concept tests before launching the product. It is worth testing services or products iteratively in development phases before and after you enhance and develop them further.

Steps To Execute Concept Testing Survey

Here are the few steps that you can use for concept testing survey:

  • Explain the Product Idea

Present the product idea to your survey participants via a verbal concept. Prepare mock-ups or sketches along with the description.

  • Liking or Disliking of the Product Idea

After the product idea is explained, assess it on a 4 or 6 step scale that tells whether you like it a lot or not at all. Positive and negative feedback from the customers is important for the further development of the product. This enables the identification of product defects or usage hurdles at a starting stage from the customer’s perspective.

Purchase Probability

Your job doesn’t end when the target audience finds your offer attractive. You would need to ask key questions in the concept test questionnaire to gauge their interest in the product as well as the purchase probability.

  • Pricing Analysis

If a lot of survey participants are excited about your product idea and are willing to buy, then you would need a price analysis as part of your concept test. Determine whether or not there is a price willingness for the new product to be marketable.


Iterative concept testing is very important when you do it at each level of product development. Based on the level of product development, a researcher can carry out elaborate product tests using different types of foci. Use the above ways to implement concept testing in the right way in the market research study.