Do You Know About Various Uses of Floor Mats In Your Elevators?

Elevators are a few of the most preferred spaces where installing floor mats is essential. Often people may not substantiate this, but, floor mats are going to be very useful in an elevator. Particularly, in most commercial buildings, it will be even more important where you can expect heavy foot traffic.

The floor mats to be used for your elevator must also be anti-slip, anti-fatigue, and also customized logo mats that you can get from Ultimate Mats. Such mats can offer floor safety in the elevators, and also comfort while you will be riding the elevator. At the same time, you can send your marketing message to every client using the elevators.

Let us know a few different types of floor mats that are generally preferred while installing floor mats on the elevators.

  • Berber mat – Having backing for slip prevention, and ensures staying in position on your elevator floor.
  • Graphic logo mat – You can include your company logo or slogan and can advertise your business freely.
  • Rubber drainage mat – They can effectively drain water under the walking surfaces to make sure a very dry and firm foothold.
  • Turtle tiles – Ideal for using in elevators that will lead from and to a pool, shower area, or locker room.
  • Anti-fatigue mat – Such mats are an aesthetically pleasing and functional way to ensure your employee’s health and comfort.

The following are a few reasons why these floor mats are mostly used in your elevators:

  1. For ensuring safe floors

The basic reason to install such mats on your elevator floor is for ensuring floor safety. These floor mats are particularly designed to remain anti-slip with textured surfaces.

  1. For protecting the floors

By installing floor mats inside your elevators, you can keep the elevator floors and also the rest of your building protected and clean. People who just enter your building from outdoors are going to use your floor mats and wipe moisture, dirt, and other debris under their footwear.

  1. For ensuring the comfort

Elevator rides may not be too long usually, but even then you may feel tired if your floor remains completely bare. By installing anti-fatigue mats inside your commercial elevators can enhance your worker’s and also clients’ comfort while riding the elevators up or down.

  1. For advertisement

Elevators can be the most strategic place to install a customized type of logo mat. Everyone can see the promotional message and your logo while entering the elevator. When they are bored inside your elevator, they will be reading it several times and it will remain in their memory.

  1. For enhancing the interior décor

With a carpeted or matted floor of your elevators, you can project a very professional outlook of your commercial building. By laying a floor mat on your elevator you will also offer a message that you really care about your employee’s health and wellbeing and also that of your clients.

You can visit the website of Ultimate Mats and make your choice of any type of floor mats that you may like for your elevator.