Choose Safe Containers to Store Container Candles

Container candles make it easy to make candles. There are many containers you can use, but most people start with a simple jelly jar. candle jars wholesale are available at good price for everyone. Candles are great for keeping around for various occasions. Candle making can be a great fun, economical, eco-friendly, as well as therapeutic.

There are only three safety rules to be aware of when choosing a container.

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It will not catch fire

It won’t leak

It will not crack or break

This sounds simple enough, right? It would surprise you to see how many dangerous homemade container candles can be made. They can cause a disaster and even burn your house down. This is a critical safety issue. Let’s discuss each of these rules in greater detail.

It won’t catch fire

Although this seems like an obvious rule to follow it is often broken. A candle made from a birch bark bowl or a coconut shell is forbidden.

Another example is the use of flower pots and other porous ceramic containers to hold candles. Terra cotta, a porous material, can absorb the wax. This can cause a huge flame to rise from the rim of the pot, and this can happen.

Is it physically possible? Yes. It is possible. No. No. It is strongly recommended to coat porous ceramic containers with at least two coats of decoupage medium, such as Mod-Podg e Before you light the candle.

Remember to never put a candle in any container that is not capable of burning. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the candle is or how certain you are that it won’t burn to the edge of your container.

Won’t Leak

Two things can lead to a leaking container. Hot melted wax shouldn’t be spilled onto your counter, coffee table, or nightstand. It can cause a lot of mess. A second problem is that a wax leak can cause a fire hazard depending on how fast or how abruptly it leaks out.

Your wick will burn faster and more intensely if the wax melts too quickly. In a matter of minutes, you could be able to create a large flame. This can quickly get out of control if you turn your back even for a short time.

Metal tins with seams along their sides or bottoms are the most likely to leak. To test whether a tin can hold hot wax, fill it with water.

It won’t crack

This is the most common problem with container candles. This is also the most problematic.

A cracked container will spill hot wax everywhere, just like a leaking one. The wax-soaked wick will be left without any pool and the flame may grow several inches in height. The flame may quickly reach a height that is high enough to catch drapes, cabinets, or plants nearby.

There are many urban legends and stories about exploding Gel Candles. Most of these occur when the gel gets too hot and cracks the martini or fishbowl glass.

What to look for in a container

Look out for containers that are heat resistant, as well as being resistant to fire, leaks, and cracks. Even if the candle burns perfectly, the wax pool and flame heat up, so it is important that your container can withstand this heat.

These are the reasons jelly jars have been so beloved over the years. They can withstand high heat and retain wax well. You can use other types of glassware, provided it is thick enough to withstand heat.

You can also use ceramic bowls, well-treated flower pots, and sealed metal tins to make wonderful containers. Clear glass is more resistant to heat than ceramic bowls.

Make sure you consider the shape of your container. It will heat up faster if it has a narrow mouth and narrow bottom. This can lead to cracking.

Keep your candles lit!

It is important to remember that even containers designed to resist heat can crack. Proper supervision is the most important safety precaution for candles. You must ensure that the candle is placed on a heat-resistant surface and away from any flammable objects. Never leave a burning candle unattended.