Vibrators: How to Use One

What is a vibrator?

A vibrator refers to a vibrating device that is used to stimulate the sexual organs. You can use a vibrator to stimulate your partner during intercourse, foreplay, and mutual masturbation. Many vibrators can be used to stimulate the clitoral or anal areas, as well as for vaginal or anal penetration. The vibrators may be rechargeable, or battery-operated. They are also water-resistant for use with showers and baths.

6 Types of Vibrators

Based on the type of stimulation they deliver, vibrators fall into five broad categories.

  • Anal vibrators: Anal vibrators are intended for anal play. Teardrop-shaped anal plugs emit vibrations that can be used to stimulate the sphincter. Some anal vibrators stimulate your perineum (the region between the testicles & the anus), while some others stimulate your prostate.
  • Artificial vaginas: Artificial sex organs, also known as the female sex or genital organ, have an inner sleeve and a firm grip for penis owners. These toys are often made from soft material, and some even have heating capabilities.
  • Clitoral stimulators: Bullet vibrators. Wand vibrators. Air-pulse. A phallic-shaped wand vibrator emits strong vibrations, which can be too intense for beginners. These air-pulse clitoral stimulators are available in different sizes. They feature a suction mechanism that emits air pulses to imitate oral sex when used with the Klitoris.
  • G-spot vibrations: There are many levels of internal stimulation. These vibrators have a longer reach and are recommended for people who enjoy deep penetration.
  • Penis stimulators: Vibrators aren’t just for owners of vulvae. Cock ring options are available in vibrating as well as non-vibrating. They work by constricting blood flow below the penis at penetrations. The cock rings can be easily taken off with the silicone-based, stretchy design.
  • Rabbit vibrators: The rabbit vibrator is ideal for anyone who loves simultaneous stimulation and penetration. This popular vibrator comes with a vibrating dildo and a stimulating clitoral unit for simultaneous internal and exterior stimulation. One function can be used at once for targeted sexual stimulation.

How To Choose A Vibrator?

There are several things you should keep in mind when shopping for your first vibrator or a new toy.

The type of stimulation that you enjoy is important. Understanding what gives you sexual pleasure is important for your overall sexual health. It can also help determine the type of vibrator you may like. Find the vibrators that best suit your needs and pinpoint the sensations to be amplified. For those who prefer clitoral stimulation, you can look into toys that target this area such as a bullet/wand. To stimulate the area, use a G-spot vibrator.

Choose non-porous material. Avoid porous substances like jelly-based silicone, rubber, polyvinylchloride (PVC), thermoplastic rubber (TPR), and thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE). These materials can harbor bacteria even after they have been cleaned. You can find silicone, stainless, and ABS plastic-based vibrators.

Setting and style are important. Find a vibrator that complements your sexual life and does not add to it. Look out for water-proof vibrators to suit your needs if you often masturbate in the bathroom. If you’re new to sex toys or want to get started slowly, you can use a palm-sized vibrator to get your first toy and then progress to more complicated toys like rabbits.

How To Use A Vibrator?

Vibrators are great ways to enhance or experiment with sexual pleasure.

Make sure to test the vibrator. There are many vibrators with different settings and vibration patterns, and it can be hard to navigate all the options at once. You can find many instructional videos online. Many vibrators also include care instructions and instructions. To familiarize yourself with the vibrator’s various functions and intensity levels, test it on your hand before you attempt to use it on your partner.

Foreplay. If you’re new to a toy, you might need to get in the spirit before you can use it. To build anticipation and get the groundwork for your session, you might want to read erotica, watch porn, tease or examine your sensitive or erogenous areas.

Use lube. Certain lubricants were specifically designed to be used with toys such as vibrators. It makes penetration easier. The vibrator can feel much more comfortable with less friction and easier gliding when using lube. Because oils can harm latex toys, water-based oil lubes tend to be the best. Learn more about lubricants.

Start slowly. Utilizing a vibrator requires nuance. The key to determining the level of stimulation and how to improve it is to start slow. For instance, if you want external stimulation to be your focus, it might work better for you to hold the vibrator against the abdomen, instead of touching the clitoris. Adjust the intensity depending on how sensitive you are and then try different pressures.